AASF cooperates with Korça Municipality to promote agribusiness in the south-eastern region

23rd and 24th of June 2019 – On Sunday, June 23rd, the “Albanian Agribusiness Support Facility” (AASF), with special support from Korça Municipality, organized a constructive meeting dedicated to the promotion of agribusiness in the south-eastern region. Over 20 representatives of local agribusinesses (farms, guesthouses) and representatives from local authorities attended the meeting.


The activity was organized in the form of an open discussion, which focused on identifying the different issues that agribusinesses in the Korça region face, as well as discuss their needs for financing business expansion initiatives and investment schemes they are involved in. By asking direct questions to AASF program representatives, participants at the meeting were further informed about how they could benefit from the program, its Partner Financial Institutions and EU agribusiness funding schemes.


While on Monday 24th, AASF program participated with a dedicated booth in the local feast in Voskopoja, an initiative of the Ministry for Tourism and Korça Municipality. Through informative brochures and agriculture studies, representatives from small and medium enterprises in the agribusiness sector, participating in the event, received more information about the AASF initiative to support agribusiness in Albania, as well as other support services offered by EBRD through the program, such as business consultancy.