AASF participates in the Agriculture Fair “Albania Works the Land”

The Albanian Agribusiness Support Facility (AASF) participates in the third edition of the two-day fair “Albania Works the Land” on November 16 and 17 organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in cooperation with the Municipality of Tirana.


This year’s fair also had numerous participants from various fields such as around 400 farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs, small farmers and large businesses from the sector of agriculture, livestock, agro-processing, medicinal plants and aquaculture from Albania and the region. In addition, representatives from the banking system and other financial institutions that lend to agriculture and agribusiness as well as citizens, interested in the development of the agricultural sector in Albania, participated in the fair and engaged in active exchange with the AASF team.


The AASF presented the AASF Value Chain Studies and AASF TechCards as well as briefed on the program’s financial and technical assistance and the possibility of obtaining loans from Partner Finanical Institutions, supported by the EBRD and the Albanian Government.


“Albania Works the Land” enables farmers to communicate with each other to share experiences, share success stories and a vision of how Albanian agriculture, livestock, aquaculture, agro-processing and agrotourism can be further developed.