AASF Senior Experts participation in Media

During the pandemic crisis, the Albanian Agribusiness Support Facility senior experts, has been actively engaged in discussions concerning challenges for agribusinesses and agritourism enterprises during and after Covid-19 through media discussion.


Mr. Ilir Pilku, Senior Agribusiness Expert at AASF, has been invited in several TV programs to discuss about the opportunities and challenges during and after pandemic period in the agriculture business in Albania.


Mr. Pilku has contributed in growing public debate and know-how about the recent AASF ’s study on “The impact of Covid19 on seasonal agribusiness activities in Albania as well as the opportunities that AASF program, IPARD and National Schemes, as well as EBRD Advisory for Small Businesses (ASB) program bring to agriculture sector in general in Albania.


The first two studies developed by AASF’s team of experts regarding the impact of Covid-19 on agriculture seasonal products, conclude that post-Covid period needs to be better monitored by both businesses and state authorities.


According to Mr. Pilku, in the first AASF’s study on the impact of Covid-19 on agriculture sector, the monitoring yielded positive results. For instance, the export data coming from March 2020, indicate an increase of agriculture exports of Albania products compared to the same period in 2019. While, the second study related to the cultivation of early watermelon, gives us a different picture. Figures are showing that there has been an amount of about 16 million euros loss from the initial planning.


At this point, since there are other agricultural products, fruit crops, citrus fruits, fruits, field vegetables, that are ready to go on the market, both government and farmer should monitor closely and more carefully the whole process.


More than 6000 farmers and agribusinesses in Albania so far have benefited from the “Albania Agribusiness Support Facility”, a financing framework developed by EBRD in cooperation with and support from the Government of Albania, which started its activity in 2016.