AASF support for Aromatic and Medical Plants Sector in Albania: Improving quality standards for export markets

Located in Gradisht, Divjakë, Biobes shpk is an Albanian company that operates in the field of production, collection, processing and export of aromatic and medicinal plants, funded in 2014. Its portfolio includes more than 100 products provided through the process of cultivation, wild collection and closely with small familiar farms in rural areas.


Organic production is in the focus of the company and organic MAPs cover an important part in the wide spectrum of our products. Certified according to European Organic Standard 834/07 and US Organic Standard NOP, BIOBES exports its products to several European countries, the United States and the Middle East positioning itself as a leading company in MAPs sector.


The company applies practices that are environmentally friendly and make sustainable exploitation of wild flora of aromatic and medicinal plants.


Due to a high market demand for quality products, Biobes has continuously invested in improving quality standards.


With the support of the EBRD through the Albanian Agribusiness Support Facility, the company was able to invested in drying and processing lines that preserve the quality of aromatic plants and prepare the product according to its client’s demand.


Complementary, AASF enabled the company to obtain a loan from AASF’s PFI Raiffeisen Bank, for which AASF covers parts of the risk. Raiffeisen Bank financed the working capital needs of the company, with helped to invest the processing line.


Thanks to the processing, BIOBES does not only export raw products, but also final products for consumption, if this is demanded by its clients. These resulted in more market expansion and high quality of products for the customers.


The Albania Agribusiness Support Facility (AASF) is a financing framework developed by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in cooperation and with support from the Government of Albania.