December 2019 – Following the trainings conducted with Agri-Points and Agribusinesses during October-November 2019, the Albanian Agribusiness Support Facility (AASF) continues its series of trainings this time with Raiffeisen Bank employees as part of the Program’s Partner Financial Institutions.


The training aims to summarize all information on the development and potentials of the agribusiness sector, financing opportunities for Albanian farmers and agribusinesses as well as the risks of the sector along with ways and mitigation mechanisms to increase funding in this sector.


The first part of the training focused on a general overview of the agribusiness sector in Albania and the economic classification of the agricultural sector informing participants on the current market positioning of the agribusiness sector.


AASF introduced the participants with key figures and trends of the sector as well as the overall outlook for investment in this area.


The second part of the training focused on introducing “Technology Cards” as a useful product for the banks and farmers themselves, helping them apply for Agri-technical services efficiently and reducing farm losses or excessive costs, which brings higher profits.


In the third part of the training, the participants from Raiffeisen Bank, after being familiarized with the credit risks coming from this sector along with the mitigation mechanisms, evaluated the AASF Program as an added value in support of Partner Financial Institutions in the management of financial packages in order to increase efficiency and transparency in the provision of lending service.


The AASF aims to work continuously to develop the professional skills and knowledge of each stakeholder involved in the development of the agricultural sector by providing its assistance in every step of business development supported by other EBRD projects.


The Albanian Agribusiness Support Facility (AASF) is a project funded and developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in cooperation and with the support of the Albanian Government.