Agribusinesses in Fier welcome AASF’s initiative to promote Agricultural Value Chain Finance

17 May 2019 – The city of Fier is the second stop for the “Albanian Agribusiness Support Facility” (AASF) Matchmaking Events aiming to foster cooperation between the Albanian Financial Institutions and Agribusinesses. AASF is a facility financed by EBRD and the Government of Albania.


Representatives from more than 50 agribusinesses from the Fier area, specialized in dairy and meat processing, representatives from the Partner Financial Institutions (Raiffeisen Bank, Otp, ProCredit Bank, Intesa SanPaolo Bank and Fondi Besa), EBRD representatives, AASF and local government institutions attended the meeting organized at Hotel Fieri.


Participants were introduced to the AASF project, which represents an innovative instrument, aiming at motivating financial institutions to fund Albanian agribusinesses and actors along the agricultural value chain. AASF experts informed about additional Funding Schemes and sources for Technical Assistance both for Financial Institutions as for Agribusinesses.


“We welcome the initiative, as the agricultural sector is indefinitely in need of help, especially those farmers and agribusinesses who are in the initial stages of their business’ development,” said Mr. Muhamet Baboçi, representative of the Regional Agricultural Extension Agency.


Apart from new businesses, already established brands in the Albanian market, such as LUFRA, Erzeni and Agri Zo, were particularly interested in the activity. Mr. Ermir Dervishi, representative of LUFRA company, said: “It is a fruitful meeting, which helps the whole agro-processing chain, from the farmer to the seller. I wish more similar meetings are organized as often as possible, to bring closer financial institutions with farmers and agribusiness.”


The next meeting between agribusinesses and financial institutions will take place on May 24th in Berat, with the participation of businesses operating in the olive and wine sector.