Agritourism Huqi

AASF Champions are agribusinesses that benefited significantly from the technical and financial support under AASF towards increased production, higher value addition and sustainable economic development of the Albanian agricultural sector.


Gëzim Huqi and his enterprise were assisted by AASF and EBRD’s technical advisory service ASB from 2016 – 2018. Agritourism “Huqi” started its activity in 2007. Now in its 12th year of operations. Agritourism “Huqi” comprises an area of 7 hectares. Agritourism “Huqi” offers a wide a range of touristic services, from accommodations, caravans, barbecues, food service, as well as sales of agricultural products from own production. Mr. Gëzim Huqi says that he got to know about AASF and other EBRD programs during the conferences and seminars that these programs organized at the premises.


“By collaborating with AASF, we managed to expand the range of services offered at our business, enhance the professional level of our hosting staff and increase accommodation capacity.” – said Mr. Huqi. He further emphasized how EBRD ASB helped Huqi to improve capacity building of its staff.


“I would like to emphasise the EBRD program has assisted to increase the professional level and capacity of our first line staff, especially waiters.” – ads Mr. Huqi.


AASF program and EBRD have support “Agribusiness Huqi” through financial and technical assistance program to expand its hosting capacities and to provide better quality service for its customers.


Agritourism Huqi Radë, Manëz, Tiranë