More opportunities for financing entrepreneurs of medicinal herbs and chestnuts in Shkodra district

29 May 2019 – Shkodra marks the fourth stop on the “Albanian Agribusiness Support Program” (AASF) tour to foster cooperation between Financial Institutions and Agribusinesses in Albania. During this meeting, entrepreneurs engaged in the medicinal herbs and chestnuts sector were brought to the attention of the project and the financial partner institutions.


Eager to learn more about funding opportunities, the participants were introduced to the work of the AASF project, which represents an innovative instrument, aiming at motivating financial institutions to fund the value chain of agribusiness. Also, they were presented with the opportunities for funding agribusinesses and technical assistance for financial institutions. Such facilities are provided through AASF and European Union schemes for the development of the agrobusiness sector in Albania.


Apart from entrepreneurs of medicinal plants and chestnuts sector and representatives from the AASF project, Partner Financial Institutions were also present in the meeting, thus enabling the first exchange between financial institutions and entrepreneurs regarding how they could benefit from the initiative.


Present to this event the Regional Director of Raiffeisen Bank, Mrs. Eralda Katroshi emphasized the Bank huge portfolio opportunity up to 9 million euros dedicated to the agribusiness sector. “Even though we are new to the Program, this does not mean we are less informed about the agribusiness sector. We have a huge portfolio up to 9 million dollar dedicated to this sector. The bank supports you in every activity of your business despite its phase in the industry. As any other loan even this one is structured based on the cycle of your business.” – said Mrs. Katroshi.


Meanwhile the Regional Director of Otp Bank, Mr. Arben Haveri invited the participants to get to know with the product of its Bank. “Our objectives are very ambitious. To grow not only in Albania but also in the region which means more facility for your needs not only on local level but also on regional level. We welcome you to Otp Bank hoping to achieve together the objective of your sector and at the same time of the Program” – said Mr. Haveri.


The next meeting between agribusinesses and financial institutions will take place on June 7th in Korça, with the participation of farmers and businesses engaged in apple cultivation.