AASF introduced the “AASF Risk Mitigation Cards”, a set of nine informational support cards for AASF Partner Financial Institutions (PFIs) and agribusinesses in Albania. The presentation was delivered during the International Workshop: “Agriculture Sector Developments – Between Climate Change and EU Integration” held at the Faculty of Economics and Agribusiness (FEA) of the Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT).


The Faculty of Economics and Agribusiness and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development organized the event, with the support of AASF. As participants, AASF welcomed the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Rector of AUT & the Dean of FEA, Deputy Team Leader of AASF, professors, students, and representatives from insurance association and AASF PFIs.


“We have the capacity to do good work that will precede the development of agriculture and its challenges. The university is an added value for the ministry and beyond.” – said the Rector, Prof. Dr. Bahri Musabelli.

In addition, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Dhimitër Kote, pointed out the importance of financial aspects of agriculture for the beneficiaries. “We should emphasise the importance of not treating agriculture just simple as a patriotic sector but to use it also for the financial benefit of the villages and the citizen.” – said Mr. Kote.


Mrs. Adela Leka, Deputy Team Leader of AASF, explained the role of AASF Program and added that according to AASF experience today the farmer is looking for some funding besides grants and technical assistance. “AASF can cover part of the collateral to increase investment in agriculture with efficiency and quality. AASF offers various support tools to the agricultural sector and other partners in the sector.” – said Mrs. Leka.


“European integration requires us to go into union by integrating our products as well. The essence of this workshop is to add to the ongoing discussion of economic policy-making so that agriculture can play an important role in the country’s economic growth.” – explained Prof. Assoc. Dr Maksim Meço, FEA Dean.


The event continued with the presentation of the AASF Risk Mitigation Cards and mitigation strategies for challenges faced by the sector. For the nine most important agricultural commodities, the AASF Risk Mitigation Cards give a quick overview about relevant market facts and developments and explain the most relevant mitigation strategies against risks that can potentially affect the specific product.


Covering production risks, marketing and financial risks, legal risks, managerial and policy related risks, the cards can help agribusinesses to take risk-reducing decisions and Financial Institutions to promote financing risk-mitigating investments in agriculture.